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Billy left the family farm in the Ozarks years ago, leaving behind the graves of his two prize coonhounds, Old Dan and Little Ann, and the red fern that grows between them.

But the animals are coming back from the dead, and Billy must return to honor his dogs and keep them at peace. But first he has to get through the undead raccoon horde that stand in his way.

An Unnecessary Sequel made for Summer Awful Jam 2018 by AN ACTUAL WIZARD.

Plays best with a controller. Controls are remappable.

Ryan "BluJay" Pendant - Design / Scripting
Louis Kaufman - Creature Art / Player VO
Armando Wilderman - Animation / Creature VO
Audio Provided by:
David Stanton - Sound Effects
Ben Stanton - Music
Additional Assets:
Low Poly Forest Asset Pack by CutSeenArts

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip and run RedFern.exe.


RedFern.zip Build 8/13 97 MB

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